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Watch the GIF of an animated skydiver falling from an airplane. As he moves, students observe the motion of the skydiver. As the skydiver falls, he encounters the force of air resistance. Students find out that the amount of air resistance is dependent upon two variables: the speed of the skydiver and the cross-sectional area of the skydiver. This Physics Classroom tutorial provides visuals, informational text, and sample problems worked through to the solution. Students can also access more information through links to corresponding resources.

<![CDATA[Help the Kittens Through Coding]]>Sun, 31 Jan 2016 19:28:18 GMThttp://www.academiclearningcoach.com/best-site-blog/help-the-kittens-through-codingPicture
Everyone loves kittens and who wouldn’t want to save them from peril? Erase All Kittens is a free, open source game where students must change the code in order to rescue kittens. The story begins in an Internet awash with adorable animals, including many kittens. Arca is a tiny outcast creature whose only friends are the kittens. But one day they all disappear and Arca sets out on a journey to find them. Arca must navigate through this world, guided by a narrator who explains how to change the code. In order to be successful, the player builds ledges, makes new portals, reveals enemies by changing the sky’s color, and lots more. The site offers both a demo and a pilot version of the game.

<![CDATA[Interactive Weather Map]]>Sun, 31 Jan 2016 17:50:25 GMThttp://www.academiclearningcoach.com/best-site-blog/interactive-weather-mapPicture
The weather in February can be very interesting. From snow storms to freezing rain, the weather map of the United States can be full of cold fronts meeting warm fronts and much more. This interactive website allows you to predict the weather by constructing your own weather forecasting map. Become a meteorologist as you analyze and predict what type of precipitation will occur as fronts collide or maybe what will happen as low and high pressures meet. Understand what needs to happen so that you may be enjoying a snow day soon. After creating your forecasting map, you can print out to compare to other students.

<![CDATA[Balloon Pop Math]]>Sun, 31 Jan 2016 17:46:01 GMThttp://www.academiclearningcoach.com/best-site-blog/balloon-pop-mathPicture
Basic math skill are the foundation for upper-level math. Students often struggle with advanced concepts because they simply don't know their basic addition or multiplication facts.  So, what better way to ensure they know these skills than to challenge them with a fun game to practice those skills?  Balloon Pop Math offers the students a way to practice their basic multiplication facts by popping the balloon with the correct answer to the problem given.  Students pop the problems in order from the least to the greatest product.  They can earn points for the speed of their response and their correct answers.  Balloon Pop provides teachers a fun and interactive way to encourage students to learn those basic skills that are so needed for math in the Common Core.

<![CDATA[Type Your Own Theme Poem]]>Sun, 31 Jan 2016 17:04:44 GMThttp://www.academiclearningcoach.com/best-site-blog/type-your-own-theme-poemPicture
Get writing poetry with fun shapes and themes. You can click on the category you are most interested in (nature, school, sports, celebrations, or shapes), and then choose a theme. Then you can then type eight words or phrases to describe the theme. These words become prewriting to help you create and type a poem on the theme you have chosen. Once the title has been added, you can finish your work. The completed picture poem is displayed in black and white for you to print, save, or share. 

<![CDATA[Engineering the Wright Way]]>Sun, 24 Jan 2016 18:57:02 GMThttp://www.academiclearningcoach.com/best-site-blog/engineering-the-wright-wayPicture
This interactive provides students with an opportunity to become an aeronautical engineer by using their engineering skills or developing new ones to design and test airplane wings based on the methods of the Wright Brothers. Before getting started, students can explore an online exhibition from the National Air and Space Museum to better understand how they designed their first airplane. They'll step into the workshop and, using a wind tunnel, try their hand at wing design. Then take it to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and see how it flies! 

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<![CDATA[Fun With Ecosystems]]>Sun, 24 Jan 2016 18:51:40 GMThttp://www.academiclearningcoach.com/best-site-blog/fun-with-ecosystemsPicture
How would you define an ecosystem? This learning resource provides a plethora of information regarding the living and nonliving parts of various ecosystems. An ecosystem is considered to be a community of living and nonliving things that work together. They have no particular size and can be as large as a lake or as small as a puddle. Healthy ecosystems contain a great deal of species diversity, and the living organisms in an ecosystem can be divided into three categories: producers, consumers and decomposers. All ecosystems also include soil, atmosphere, heat and light from the sun, water and living organisms.

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<![CDATA[Author's Point of View: Attitude and Tone]]>Sun, 24 Jan 2016 18:40:11 GMThttp://www.academiclearningcoach.com/best-site-blog/authors-point-of-view-attitude-and-tonePicture
Are you looking for a way to help your students identify point of view in passages? Do your students continually struggle with clearly articulating the tone established by an author? Help your students enrich their vocabulary with this useful site. Students will find lists of highly specific terms related to tone, mood, and point of view. Supply your students with resources that will extend their learning so that they are more apt to answer questions about the tone with words like nostalgic, sentimental, moralizing, or cynical. Push your students to use precise word choices and watch their interpretations of authors' approaches and styles soar in the area of comprehension.

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<![CDATA[Fun GAmes for the Brain]]>Mon, 18 Jan 2016 15:40:45 GMThttp://www.academiclearningcoach.com/best-site-blog/fun-games-for-the-brainPicture
This site offers 29 different brain games including ones you may know such as Chinese checkers, Sudoku, Mastermind, and Chess. However, there are many unique games like Rotate where you decide which pieces need to be rotated to see the picture or Memocoly where you memorize the colors you see in order after a quick flash. It also provides 13 different word games like unscrambling words quickly in Anagramania, or trying to figure out what word the moving letters make in The WordHunt Game. Not only can you play any of these 42 challenging games, you can choose from 30 different languages including Spanish, French, Italian and many more. 

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<![CDATA[Rich History of Theodore Roosevelt]]>Mon, 18 Jan 2016 15:34:03 GMThttp://www.academiclearningcoach.com/best-site-blog/rich-history-of-theodore-rooseveltPicture
Today marks the 97th anniversary of the passing of Theodore Roosevelt, affectionately referred to as Teddy Roosevelt. This resource provides a rich history of his life. What made the 26th President of the United States special? Roosevelt was one of the most physically fit presidents in U.S. history. Through a biography and a collection of images and videos, understand what Roosevelt's early years consisted of and the unanticipated way he became president. The videos and write-up will dive deep into his political prowess on both domestic and foreign policy once he is in office. Find out why he earned the nickname “Trust-buster.” Finally, discover how his final years post-White House were spent.

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